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   UPDATE: 2022-04-13   

THE CONTEST IS OVER… and here are the results


“Play of Directions”  by RedSolstice

Loved this image. Found it was not only an extremely interesting use of the space, colour, and really just the game art / location itself, but it also perfectly meshed with the theme. I honestly have no suggestions for making it better. From the second I saw it I wanted it to win.David 'Erris' Alloggia
Within the context of “Juxtaposition”, this scene is a step-above our expectations. Not only does it convey a strong sense of the theme, but also captures a mood, tells a story and yet invokes mystery. Excellently cropped, lit and focused, originally I was unaware this was actually in the ‘verse but I had found it in the Aspire Grand of Microtech. The diatribe tells a story of Star Citizen.Seggellion
Lines in different directions; lines and circles, in focus and out of focus, color, pattern versus solid… so many different elements within a single image showcasing the theme: juxtaposition. Well framed, perfectly executed, unique, and well deserving of the unanimous first place vote from all three judges. Hasgaha


“PortO”  by TheSpaceCoder

Really loved this shot. The framing of the planet itself was excellent, leaving some negative space on the left and right, and the station firmly in the center was perfect. Really liked the colour as well – excellent photo all around.David 'Erris' Alloggia
When starting this competition, I had expected a comparison of PO to Olisar, and I believe this image had accomplished that in the best possible way. Moreover does it display a sense of serenity, I find an emotional connection where this one graphic represents the past, present and future of the verse. If I were to use one image to paint the picture of Star Citizen, it should be this.Seggellion
I’m always a sucker for showing the massive size difference between Port Olisar and Crusader against the backdrop of space. I think the blue tint/saturation is a little strong… but other than that, I really enjoyed this image. Well done.Hasgaha


“Light vs Dense”  by MaidenAriana

Really loved the juxtaposition on this one. The void of space on the left, the clutter of the asteroids on the right. I do wonder if it might have been a better photo either without the ship in frame, or with the ship being face on maybe? The ship just didn’t feel like it was fully a part of the image. Everything else was excellent though. (and for the record it’s my favourite ship, so I’m not even docking it points like I would have if it was like, a Connie or something : P )David 'Erris' Alloggia
Ariana captured a textbook representation of juxtaposition. There’s something about this photo I love, it shows the stillness between two states of chaos. I appreciate that the artist chose to not have too much asteroid density, or perspective–and accomplished a balanced texture which compliments the opposite darkness of space.Seggellion
The alignment on this shot is incredibly accurate and almost perfect. The division between empty space and ring is dead center… the ship is just ever-so-slightly off but only noticeable if one (me) starts drawing guide lines to check it. It’s a great take on the theme, though I’m not sure the ship helps the composition. At least not in it’s current position/orientation. I think it helps add scale and depth, but I find it distracting as it is. MAYBE try the same shot but with the ship moving vertically from bottom to top through the frame so that the engine trails straddle that space/ring line?Hasgaha


“Titan”  by bloknaryb

Excellent photo – love the rising (or setting?) sun in the background. To me the character in the foreground seemed weirdly framed – might have been better as a landscape, or possibly with the head closer than the legs? Still lovely work!David 'Erris' Alloggia
I loved the amount of motion in this image. Similar to other images–this photo tells a story and I can almost hear the soundtrack that accompanies it. With that, It may not be as strong in the theme of “Juxtaposition”. This is an excellent use of cropping, lighting and costume and I appreciate the work behind this image. Thank you!Seggellion
The angle on this shot is so disorientating and almost aggravating… but in a good way. There’s a bit of contrast/conflict in this image that makes it very interesting to me. The well-lit figure in the foreground versus the dark side of Crusader in the background. The figure itself drawing my eyes up through to the sun on the horizon… but her eyes are looking in a completely different direction at something out of frame. It’s a unique and interesting composition. Hasgaha

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners!! I’ll be contacting them shortly. And thanks to all who participated as well as my fellow judges on this contest; David ‘Erris’ Alloggia and Seggellion.

Make sure you look through ALL the submissions below:

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My previous Star Citizen screenshot contest ended in January with many fantastic entries for the "Together" theme. Congratulations again to Sigduur, StazInfo, & John_Snowpard for winning the Star Citizen prizes and to Citizen_of_the_verse for the Honorable Mention. If you want to see the results from January's contest, go here. This month's contest will work the exact same way... except with new prizes, a new theme ("Juxtaposition"), and new guest judges (Erris & Seggellion). So, check out the prizes, read through the rules, fawn over our guest judges and submit your winning shots!

Header image credits: Sigduur; 1st place in my January 2022 contest




One Anvil Hawk Stand-alone vehicle

  • Star Citizen standalone in-game vehicle
  • 72 Months Insurance
  • Provided by my Patreons


One Drake Dragonfly Stand-alone vehicle

  • Star Citizen standalone in-game vehicle
  • 120 Months Insurance
  • Provided by my Patreons


One CO Hoverquad Stand-alone vehicle

  • Star Citizen standalone in-game vehicle
  • LTI
  • Provided by my Patreons


Theme: Juxtaposition

Capture an in-game screenshot that creatively represents the theme… literally, figuratively, artistically, etc.
Some explanations and examples if you need them.

CONTEST ENDS: March 29, 2022 at 11:59 PM CDT   (March 30, 2022 at 04:59 UTC)
  • No purchase necessary.
  • You must be over the age of 13 and reside in a jurisdiction where the contest and your participation is legally permitted.
  • Entries must be uploaded through this page's submission form by the "CONTEST ENDS" date and time above.
  • A username and valid email address are required during the screenshot submission process.
  • Only in-game screenshots from Star Citizen will be accepted.
  • Older screenshots from previous versions of the game are allowed if they match the theme and meet the requirements.
  • Entries must be your own screenshot.
  • Screenshots must fit the theme of the contest, as stated in this post.
  • Screenshots may be in any aspect ratio (native or cropped) BUT must have a resolution of AT LEAST 1080px height by 1080px width at 72 ppi (pixels per inch). Upscaling an image to meet the requirements IS allowed but beware of a possible degradation of quality.
  • Screenshots must be in any of the following file formats: JPG, PNG.
  • Each person is allowed to enter up to THREE (3) different screenshots (three separate submissions).
  • Only ONE (1) screenshot from each participant is eligible to win.
  • Minimal post-processing effects/edits to tweak the screenshot are allowed (levels, curves, contrast, downsampling, sharpening, DOF, cropping, rotation, color correction, black/white, etc). Working in image editors (like GIMP and Photoshop) and real-time post-processors like ReShade IS ALLOWED. Extensive edits that significantly change the image are NOT allowed; adding ship, removing a person, combining images, and things of that nature are NOT allowed (we play a lot, we know what the game looks like).
  • Multiple people may help you achieve your screenshot in-game but only ONE (1) prize will awarded to the SUBMITTER for each winning entry.
  • Judges for this current contest are NOT allowed to enter.
  • Prize sponsors for this current contest are NOT allowed to enter.
  • Prize winners from the MOST RECENT contest (January 2022) are NOT allowed to enter. Entries that receive "Honorable Mention" are NOT prize winners and are allowed to enter.
  • Images that have already been used to win a prize in any prior Hasgaha Screenshot Contest may not be used again.
  • By submitting an image/screenshot to this contest, you give us the right to display & share your image with credit to you, the creator, on this website (https://hasgaha.com) as well as our associated social networking accounts for the use of promoting this and future contests.
  • Winners will be notified through email with the email address supplied during the entry/registration process. Winners will be announced to the public using the supplied username on this site and it's related social networks.
  • Your entry may be disqualified if it is deemed to not follow these rules. While we will attempt to communicate with participants of disqualified entries, we are not obligated to do so.
  • No purchase, payment or other obligation is necessary to enter or win.
  • Void where prohibited.

Do you have a question about the rules? Click here to CONTACT US so we can help.


On the CONTEST ENDS date listed above, submissions will stop and our esteemed judges will start the process of meticulously looking through ALL the entries. Entries will be judged on the following:

  • Interpretation & execution of the THEME:
    How well does your screenshot capture and/or convey the theme of the contest.
  • Composition:
    The arrangement of the elements within the photo should be pleasing to the eye. How well did you use the available space within the frame? Does the placement of the elements and position of the camera suit the idea or theme of the image?
  • Creativity:
    Does your image convey the idea or theme in an original and imaginative way? Does the image hint at a deeper story or was it captured in an unconventional way?

Judging will be done privately and on an individual basis by the selected judges. This is NOT done in committee or with discussion among other judges. Judge votes are theirs alone and theirs to be given as they see fit. All votes from the judges will remain anonymous and will never be disclosed to the public. While voting, judges will only see the images and image titles. They will not see usernames attached to entries nor how many votes from other judges an entry might have. 

Judging, unless otherwise specified, will occur in multiple rounds. Entries with the lowest votes will be removed and NOT proceed to subsequent rounds. The number of rounds could vary for each contest based on how many entries are received.

Things to consider that won't hurt your chances, but are NOT required:

  • As high a resolution image as you can take. 1920 x 1080 is the bare minimum... go higher if you can.
  • The highest image quality (as little compression) as possible. Remember, while JPGs are easy, they are a LOSSY compressed format and are a degraded form of what you saw in game. Lossless PNG is recommended.
  • Submitting older screenshots from previous versions of the game IS allowed if they match the theme and meet the requirements. However, the game's graphics, textures, lighting, shadows, etc are constantly being improved and older screenshots might have a hard time competing with current screenshots.
  • An image with the first person GUI (ammo count, health meter, etc) or third party overlay (Discord, FPS counter, etc) does NOT look great. Try to remember to use the robust Advanced Camera System AND hide any overlays BEFORE capturing your shot.

ESTEEMED JUDGES for this contest:

Judge Erris David Alloggia   David 'Erris ' Alloggia

Yes hello my name is David this is my bio I write words and fight for the environment and sometimes yell about which Star Citizen ships are my favorites and also which are as bad at the Carrack which is very few because it is poop.* Oh and I run podcasts with Relay.

* Hasgaha Disclaimer: Erris' opinions are his own... and he is wrong.

You can find Erris at:

Seggellion    Seggellion

Seggellion is an entrepreneur and self proclaimed pizza magnate. He is the CEO and Chief Engineer at Altama Energy; early-stage investor and technology partner of Atmo Esports. Service Architect of Galactic Logistics, founder of the Seggellion’s Pizza franchise, and co-founder of Star Racing.

You can find Seggellion at:

Hasgaha    and me, Hasgaha


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  • Prizes are non-negotiable.
  • If a prize as-listed becomes unavailable, one or a combo of Star Citizen digital pledge items of comparable value will be issued at as close to the original prize value as possible.
  • Winners have 14 days to claim digital prizes from the initiation of the gifting process. Unclaimed prizes will be considered forfeit and used in future contests or giveaways.
  • This contest is hosted and run by me. It is not an official CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) or RSI (Roberts Space Industries) contest and is not associated with them in anyway.
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