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“The Mercenary” :: a “The Mandalorian” poster recreated in Star Citizen
“Space Be Crazy”: Star Citizen Movie Poster
How To Carry a Weapon in an Armistice Zone in Star Citizen Alpha 3.6
Star Citizen: CIG Origin Celebration Screenshot Contest
Arts & Crafts’ Star Citizen Anvil Arrow Commercial; “Contraband Inbound”
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Recent Posts

With all the incredible artwork & imagery coming from Disney leading up to the debut of “The Mandalorian”, I thought I’d take a crack at recreating some of it using Star Citizen in-game screenshots.

The Star Citizen subReddit held an “Arts & Crafts” contest recently. I decided to create a full size, printable, mock Star Citizen movie poster for my entry.

Learn how to carry a weapon INSIDE an armistice zone within Star Citizen Alpha 3.6. And, using the same technique, equip and shoot weapons while wearing clothes outside those zones.

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