Enter my Star Citizen screenshot contest for your chance at some great in-game prizes!

My in-depth guide to the Star Citizen in-game camera system or “Advanced Camera Controls”. I go into great detail on all the camera options and controls including Depth of Field (DOF), Field of View (FOV), Offsets, Zoom, and Freelook while pointing out restrictions and oddities along the way.

To celebrate Star Citizen’s week-long in-game “Invictus Launch Week” event, CIG held a contest to create your own UEE recruitment poster… these are my entries.

With the Star Citizen subReddit growing to over 200,000 subscribers/citizens AND the since the existing banner/background was a year old (which I had also created), I was asked to create a new image for the subReddit. I was told, “something 3.9… something microTech”.

With 2020 and Star Citizen Alpha 3.8 in full swing, I thought I’d look back through all my Star Citizen in-game screenshots from 2019 and pick out my 42 personal favorites. The collection below spans from Alpha 3.4 all the up to the early days of Alpha 3.8.

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