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I was allowed the rare opportunity to embed with the Nine Tails as a photographer to get a very close and personal look at the lives of these outlaws.

It must be stated that I do NOT condone or support the behavior or goals of the Nine Tails. I am not promoting nor romanticizing their beliefs. I was simply trying to photograph them as a neutral party from a trusted space on their terms while being true to what they are. There were two demands that I had to agree to before I was allowed a temporary pass into the Nine Tails world. First, the Nine Tails made me agree (prove basically) that I was not a UEE spy and that my work was not being used to build cases against some of it’s members. Second, the UEE would only guarantee my immunity IF I played no part in any illegal activity.

That does not mean I was never in danger.

On a handful of occasions, the group I was with was ambushed or attacked and I found myself in minor skirmishes. Casualties occurred on both sides.

Below are my photos…

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