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So you want to play Star Citizen?

Before you can jump into Star Citizen, you’ll need to register for a free account on the website. Using the links on this page will make use of my referral code (STAR-XRZN-DC2R) which gets your character 5,000 UEC (in-game currency currently equivalent to $5 USD). Again, there is NO COST to creating the account and you’ll then be eligible to play the game FOR FREE during the periodic “Free-Fly” events (usually week-long periods in which one or more ships are made available to fly completely free to anyone with a free account, allowing everyone to fly in Star Citizen).



If you want to play the game at any time, outside the “Free-Fly” events, you’ll need to purchase a game package. It’s important to note that there are technically two separate AAA games being developed simultaneously:

  • Star Citizen (MMO sandbox game that includes Arena Commander & Star Marine)
  • Squadron 42 (single player, story-driven game; released in episodes)

Current Cheapest Packages ($45 USD):

These two packages include:

  • Full copy of Star Citizen (plus Alpha/Beta access)
  • Starting Ship
  • Starting Hangar
  • 1,000 UEC (in-game currency)

If you would like to also have access to Squadron 42, you should instead get one of these ($65 USD):

That’s it! You don’t need anything else.

Learn more about Star Citizen


Learn more about Squadron 42


You might ask, what do I get when you use my referral code? Well, whenever one of my referrals becomes an active player by purchasing a Game Package (with minimum value of $40 USD), I will get a Recruitment Point. These points unlock rewards automatically like a ship weapon or other items that are NOT rare and can be purchased in-game. See the full details here.

DISCLAIMER: With Star Citizen and Squadron 42 being in active and on-going development, the information on this page is subject to change. I will do my best to maintain and update the information presented here as it changes but I cannot guarantee it’s accuracy.

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