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To celebrate Star Citizen’s week-long in-game “Invictus Launch Week” event, CIG held a contest to create your own UEE recruitment poster… these are my entries.

“Invictus Launch Week” is in in-game, in-lore celebration of the UEE (United Empire of Earth) military, specifically the Navy. Over the course of a week, different ship vendors took over a floor of the Bevic Center on ArcCorp and showed off their stuff.

On top of this, CIG (Star Citizen’s developer) ran a contest for players to create their own UEE military recruitment posters. There weren’t a lot of requirements or restrictions… it was rather wide open. But, me being me, I wanted to use mostly in-game screenshots to create my poster. And as usual, I took advantage of ReShade’s “chromakey” shader to create an artificial green screen which helps to isolate the parts I’m interested in. All the shots I used were captured in at least 4k. The three main characters, the terrain, the background army, the sabres, and the moons are all in-game screenshots.

2950 Invictus Week UEE Army Recruitment Poster
2950 Invictus Week UEE Navy Recruitment Poster

Originally, I had planned on making a UEE Marines recruitment poster… until I found out that according to the in-game lore, no one can apply or enlist in the UEE Marines. Instead, marines are handpicked from active members of the UEE Army and Navy. So why would the marines need a recruitment poster? When I was done, someone pointed out that it might need to be specifically a NAVY poster, so I revamped the Army poster as a Navy poster just in case.

I settled on the Army. Unfortunately, all of the armor I wanted to use on my characters had the Marines insignia on them. So, that meant having to swap those out in post for the Army insignia. And when I switched to the Navy alternate version, I had to again swamp the Army insignia out for Navy.

Capturing these three main characters meant creating each one in the character customizer, taking the screenshots in certain lighting and at certain angles, leaving the game, creating the next character, getting back into the game finding similar lighting, taking the shot, etc. I had to do the same for the myriad of running soldiers I used for the background army.

I even created a UEE flag for the background army… though it’s barely visible.

I did not win… but I still had fun creating another Star Citizen poster from my in-game screenshots.


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Download the full resolution ARMY poster

Download the full resolution NAVY poster