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To celebrate reaching 2,000 Twitter followers and 600 Instagram followers, I’m giving away a full Star Citizen game package with a C8X Pisces!!

Thanks to my very generous Patreons, I’m able to celebrate this social media milestone with another GIVEAWAY! Any and all are welcome to enter to win a Star Citizen Game Package which includes everything needed to start playing Star Citizen Alpha 3.8!  This giveaway is open NOW and will run through Gleam, ending on January 21st, 2020 at 11:59 PM US Central Time which is 4:59 UTC. This giveaway is for a Star Citizen Game Package and includes the following:

You will need a free account on RobertsSpaceIndustries.com to claim the prize. Need an account?… use my referral code (STAR-XRZN-DC2R).Good luck & see you in the ‘verse.

Star Citizen Game Package with C8X Pisces Expedition Giveaway