Learn how to carry a weapon INSIDE an armistice zone within Star Citizen Alpha 3.6. And, using the same technique, equip and shoot weapons while wearing clothes outside those zones.


When you’re in the armistice zone (no weapons allowed), it doesn’t matter if you have a space suit, clothes, or are nude… the trick is the same. You can not draw a gun while in an armistice zone. BUT, you can “carry” one that is not already attached to you… as-in, you use the INTERACTION – CARRY option to hold the weapon.

The easiest way to get access to a gun that can be picked up is to use a ship that has a gun rack in it… like the Cutlass, 300’s, etc.

1) Get a ship with a usable weapon rack and fly it outside an armistice zone
2) Get out of your seat and walk over to your on-ship gun rack.
3) Arm/draw any weapon you want
4) Use the INTERACTION interface (holding F by default), look at the weapon rack, and PLACE should be available. This will put the weapon in your hands into the weapon rack.
5) Fly back down to ANY armistice zone
6) Land and walk over to your weapon rack
7) Again, use the INTERACTION interface and select CARRY on the weapon.
8) This will put it in the CARRY position. You can not use, fire, aim, etc the weapon… all you can do is carry it.

If you use Mobiglas, it will put the weapon away… or if you’re wearing clothes, it will drop the weapon to the ground. You can’t get it back in the carry position unless you go back to a gun rack and CARRY an available weapon.

All footage was recorded in game by me in Star Citizen Alpha 3.5 on the LIVE server within the sandbox “Universe” or “Stanton” game mode in 2560×1440.


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