This is our team’s entry, “Chasing Sunsets”, into the Star Citizen Tumbril Cyclone Commercial Contest on the website. The video had to focus on one of the Cyclone variants (Base, TR, RC, RN & AA), had to be no longer than two minutes and use only original or official Star Citizen music, sound, and imagery. All footage in our video was recorded in-game by us at 3440×1440 (21:9). All sound effects are either directly from the game or part of the original score.


We chose to highlight the Cyclone-RC; the racing version of the Cyclone line. Our concept was to highlight the speed and durability of the RC through the fanciful story of a man chasing sunsets through the multiple environments and terrain found on the planet Hurston.

Arts And Crafts” is Utho Riley, DamnShame & Hasgaha

Here is our entry on Spectrum


Check out Utho’s score, “Chasing Sunsets – [Tumbril Cyclone Commercial Contest Score]”, that he created for this video