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This is my attempt at taking portrait and street-photography-style in-game screenshots within Star Citizen exclusively at the Grim HEX location, showcasing the type of people one might expect to bump into.

GrimHEX (acronym of Green Imperial Housing Exchange), formerly known as ‘Green Imperial’, is a base built into a hollowed asteroid hidden deep in the Yela asteroid belt. Originally built to house workers, it has now fallen under the control of criminals. (source: StarCitizen.Tools wiki)

I imagine one would find outcasts, outlaws avoiding more secure space, bounty hunters waiting for the next big contract, haulers making a pit stop on a long trip, down-on-their-luck thrill-seekers, and people lost to society. No one trusting anyone, everyone cautiously suspicious, and most keeping to themselves.

These were all captured in-game within Star Citizen Alpha 3.4 using a mixture of emote animations, FOIP (Face Over IP), and NPC activities. There are no post-production edits (outside image editor like Photoshop) other than adding my watermark, downsampling to 4k and cropping/rotating some of the images. ReShade was used in some of the images to adjust levels, add filmgrain, etc.