The Star Citizen subReddit held an “Arts & Crafts” contest recently. I decided to create a full size, printable, mock Star Citizen movie poster for my entry.

Learn how to carry a weapon INSIDE an armistice zone within Star Citizen Alpha 3.6. And, using the same technique, equip and shoot weapons while wearing clothes outside those zones.

To coincide with “Origin Celebration”, CIG is running a screenshot contest and making all Origin ships freely available to all backers. Shots must include ANY Origin ship AND ArcCorp. Here are my entries…

This is our team’s (Arts & Crafts) entry, “Contraband Inbound”, into the Star Citizen Anvil Aerospace Commercial Contest on the website. The video had to focus on Anvil’s light fighter, had to be no longer than two minutes and use only original or official Star Citizen music, sound, and imagery. All footage in ourRead More…

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